(vik'tris), noun_ A WOMAN WHO IS VICTORIOUS. 

It's our every intention to develop women's specific performance running apparel. But for the moment, here's the thing: We want it to be amazing. We want it to be right. And we want it to be informed by women; athletes like you. Relatively speaking, by comparison, getting men's gear right is a little easier, so we feel more confident with that. If you have ideas, input, pain points that you think need solving in women's running gear... let us know!

Write to us: hello@unsanctionedrunning.com 

Send images of your favourite pieces to run in. Tell us what you hate and what you don't want, too. And in the meantime, sure we're 100% biased, but we actually think some of our men's stuff works pretty great for women too. We have women who love the muscle tee, as well as some who even race in the men's half tights. And besides, we all know that there's nothing more intimidating to a guy than when a strong, confident woman, toes the start line next to him... ready to set both the road and his legs on fire.