\\_It's time for RUNNING to give a FCK.

Sustainable. Ethical. We are an innovation-driven performance running brand founded on the belief that it’s time for running to give back to the environment all runners take so much joy from. It can no longer be a one way street (or trail) of take, take, take. We have to take responsibility for looking after our planet, too. 

That’s why all our innovations are based around the research & development of fabrics that are better for the environment — whether they be fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles or from upcycled industrial waste.

But of course, we understand that performance absolutely matters. That’s why we also believe our innovations are also better when it comes to the simple act of stepping out the door, putting one foot in front of the other, and going for a run. Whether your schedule calls for going long, or whether you’re being asked to set your lungs, legs, heart, and roads on fire.  

\\_BETTER comes at a COST.

Yes, our running innovations are a little more expensive than (most of but not all of) the running brands you are used to purchasing. The reality is, creating better, being more responsible, more sustainable, with not only our product developments, but also with our packaging and process, is... expensive.

The recycled paper and soybean ink used to make our wrapping seal stickers, that wrap our recycled tissue paper, that snuggles and protects your running gear inside our plant-based and compostable courier delivery satchels, is also... expensive.

And all the other ‘small but big’ more responsible decisions we’re constantly making along the way, they’re... expensive too.

It all adds up. Put really simply, we’re expensive because our costs are more expensive than what all the ‘non-give a fck’ brands pay for the decisions they make.

We are not trying to do anything special here, we are just trying to do what is right. Which just so happens to involve completely turning running on its lazy head to make that happen.

\\_Because virgin PLASTIC is WTF? 

Polyester is plastic and plastic is petroleum dug up from the depths of ocean floor beds. Guess what most of your running gear is made from? Yes, plastic. 

It seemed insane to us to start a brand and be responsible for putting even more virgin plastic out into the world. That’s why we partnered with one of the world’s leading performance fabric manufacturing mills to R&D and create [ BottleKnit™ ] – made from 100% recycled plastic bottles collected and shredded in Europe and reborn into a premium, breathable, moisture-wicking performance running fabric, in Milan, Italy.

Our first launch colour is Petroleum, yes, because we think it’s a great colour, but also because it’s a statement against what ‘normal’ running gear is made of, and therefore what the brands who use it stand for. 

\\_Because ONE BRAND'S WASTE is OUR BRAND'S treasure.

It’s pretty much exactly what it says it is. It’s industry waste; including discarded off-cuts from the manufacturing process (of other brands) that’s collected and shredded back down, then reborn into a new equally good performance nylon/elastane fabric. 

Unfortunately, we cannot lay claim to have developed  the  sheer fabric-genius  we call [ WasteKnit™ ]. That accolade is reserved for our brilliant Milan-based knitting mill partner. But, we are most-likely the very first performance running brand to toe a start line in it, poised... ready to slay.

\\_SIZE matters.

In general our sizing tends to be cut for ‘race pace’ rather than ‘chill pace’. We’d describe that as ‘true fit’. So if you like to step on the gas, we’d suggest sticking with your normal running gear sizes. But, if you prefer cruise mode, maybe ‘size-up’ one – particularly with the \\_un-run tee. We’d suggest sticking with your regular for the \\_un-muscle tee though – its deep cut armholes already make it a little looser.

And the \\_un-half tights? They’re tight but with a firm, ready to slay stretch. So go with your regular sizing there – unless you have Giraffe legs? Then you might want to size up to get a little more length in the leg. 

Our (World First) \\_un-race arm sleeves with gel pouches run tight; stretchy and awsm but tight-fitting. So if in doubt, size up. And if you're built like Arnie or The Hulk, realistically you are probably even going to struggle with the size [L]:(  

\\_It's NOT the STONE AGE.

Sure, the first runners were cavemen – either chasing after dinner, or avoiding being it. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d be well aware that times have changed. And so has technology.

Every garment we produce comes with a [ QR code ] woven into the label. Gone are the days of having to download a scanning app; your smart phone’s camera easily reads it and gives you a link to follow. There you’ll find relevant content and product information.

Sure, it might seem pretty basic to begin with, but the aim is for it to evolve over time. Maybe you have some ideas? Seriously, it’s so simple, even our Neanderthal friends could figure it out.

Fun fact: Tortoises have been around since the Stone Age though :)

\\_It's a [ BETTER ] wrap.

Plant-based, compostable, stealth-like mailers. Recycled wrapping paper. Soybean ink. These are all proud details. But maybe the detail we are most proud of is one you will never see… Because you see, the standard manufacturing process is to pack every-single-garment (no matter how small) each in its own plastic bag before shipping. Obviously the thought of this caused us huge conflict. So we convinced our amazing Portuguese manufacturing partner to not do that – even though it made the whole process more complicated — for them — for us — for our fulfilment partners.

Instead, at minimum they’ve been able to pack and ship ten garments in one bag, and at best twenty five. Sure, that means the garments get ‘a little more wrinkled’ than when individually packed. But we’re pretty sure you’re going to give them more of a beating out on the roads. Yes, you can say that’s not going to make a difference. Because we are just a small brand, cutting down on plastic bags and harmful chemicals where we realistically can. But... imagine the impact if all the Goliaths made an effort to do the same?

\\_A SIMPLE premise:

If you CAN'T make it sustainably... DON'T make it at all.


\\_ /ʌnˈsaŋ(k)ʃ(ə)nd/ Adj.— without explicit official permission; not sanctioned; not approved by a sanctioning body.