If in doubt please refer to size/measurement charts found with each specific product.




In general our sizing tends to be cut for ‘race pace’ rather than ‘chill pace’.


We’d describe that as ‘true fit’. So if you're a bit of a cheetah that likes to step on the gas, we’d suggest sticking with your normal running gear sizes.


But, if you prefer cruise mode, maybe ‘size-up’ one – particularly with the \\_un-run tee.


We’d suggest sticking with your regular for the \\_un-muscle tee though – its deep cut armholes already make it a little looser.


And the \\_un-half tights? They’re tight but with a firm, ready to slay stretch. So go with your regular sizing there – unless you have Giraffe legs? Then you might want to size up to get a little more length in the leg.


Our (World First) \\_un-race sleeves with gel pouches run tight; stretchy and awsm but tight-fitting. So if in doubt, size up. And if you're built like Arnie or The Hulk, realistically you are probably even going to struggle with the size [L]:(