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A sudden loss of consciousness. Transient dulling or loss of vision. Sudden reduction of blood flow to the brain. Not quite a solid knit, not quite a mesh. A new [ BottleKnit™ ] performance fabric. Still made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Available in BLKOUT™ black. 

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Performance Polyester made from 100% recycled plastic bottles collected & shredded in Europe. Reborn in Italy.

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Introducing a 3/4 sleeve designed so that your watch is never hidden away, even in the transition seasons when you need a sleeve that's a little longer. Made with a new [ BottleKnit™ ] performance fabric development that's not quite a solid knit, not quite a mesh. But still made from 100% recycled plastic bottles collected and shredded in Europe. Reborn in Italy. 

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Performance Polyester made from 100% recycled plastic bottles collected & shredded in Europe. Reborn in Italy. A pre-dyed fabric colour that's not quite Deep Blue & not quite Deep Purple. Yes, it's Deep Blurple. 

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You may not ever win a race, but you can always win at gifting with our un-gift, gift cards... the easiest gifts to wrap. Available from $100 up to $1,000_AUD. All cards are sent directly to the un-gifted by email (so they're not really cards at all). And of course, they're only good to go at

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It's time for running to give a fck. Recycled and Upcycled Performance Fabrics made from plastic bottles & industrial waste collected and shredded in Europe. Reborn in Italy.

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The_system_is_broken. It's all just blah_blah_blah_ white_noise #greenwashing. It's time for running brands to put their actions where their ethics are. UN-WHITE_NOISE: 90% recycled plastic bottles collected & shredded in Europe + 10% recycled elastane. 100% Reborn in Italy.

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78% nylon 22% elastane made from 100% upcycled industrial waste collected & shredded in Europe. Reborn in Italy.

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